Saturday, December 7, 2013

The wonderful and happy salute to my abandoned blog

Yep, the title speaks for itself! I had kinda forgoten about this blog, but now I suppose I will post a little about what I do each day.
Today I woke up and logged onto animal jam, and I ate three slices of toast. I actually had made five but Killer took two.
Right now the only pet we have is Killer because Lula died a few days ago :'(
She was rather old but still I´m missing her a lot.
Right now I am going through my AJ storage accounts. I´m finding some pretty cool stuff XD
Well, see ya!


  1. :'( Ohh poor you, poor Lula.
    Treacle - I think you already know? - died a few days ago, too... D:

    1. Yes :( I suppose know Treacle and Lula will be together, werever they are.

  2. I'm so sorry... That's really sad. I remember the picture on Google chat of the fluffy dog I said looked squishy..

  3. Im so sorry about Lula. )=
    I don't like it when pets die. DX
    My dog, buddy ( Golden retriever) was a very nice dog. He died a few years ago but im still very sad. He's older than me... I think he had some problems with his legs. I was young when he died. ) :

  4. im so sorry i no how u feel i had my puppy die cause she was blind and got ran over by a car :(