Monday, October 7, 2013

Another Monday

Yes, yet again its Monday. I like Mondays, i have no idea why some people hate them.
Just like last Monday I am doing homework. But its 17:05 so I have more time than last time :D
It´s some Social Science homework. I don´t like SS because it´s quite boring for me. But the teacher is really funny, unlike the Spanish one.
But my dog Killer doesn´t like him. I know that because last Saturday I was roaming around with him in a market thingy there is at Saturdays near my house and the SS teacher was there. So I said hello to him and Killer tried to bite him. XD
Lula is calmer than Killer. She likes everyone and never gets runing around crazyily and barking liek Killer does. Lula will cuddle up with anyone. She is very sweet :)
This is Killer:

He is quite tiny.
And this is Lula:

Isn´t she fluffy?
Well, I have to go, I still haven´t done the SS homework. See ya!


  1. Oh, and I like Mondays too, but some people hate them because they're the start of school/work after a relaxing weekend.

  2. Mondays are o-kay for me. Usually,when I wake up my moms yelling at me to get up and get dress and get breakfast and eat it....Mondays are usually also chaotic.

  3. Mondays are... not exactly my favorite day, mainly because I'm a heavy sleeper XD Love your dogs! I have two, Chloe the yorkie/chihuaua and Cambria the yellow lab/golden retriever. How old are you? I'm eleven, and my birthday's next month on the eighth, so I'm gonna be twelve :D

    1. I dont sleep that much, but I laze around with the computer :p
      Im 12.