Monday, December 9, 2013

Mondays can be wacky

Hey! Today was a very normal monday (more or less)
My first class today was maths. On Thursday we had an exam and we were supposed to get our grades today, but there has been trouble because apparently some people cheated. It was kind of ironic because my maths teacher (in my school there are three maths groups, top, middle and low; I am in the middle one) said, sounding very indignant, that the head of the maths department, who is also the top group´s teacher, had said that he thought some people in my tutor group had cheated.
Seriously, I have no idea why my maths teacher was so surprise when the top group teacher said that, because he was supposed to keep an eye on the class while we did the exam but people were just asking others about answers, standing up, passing notes and even swapping exams 0_0 It is incredible that the teacher didn´t notice XD
I didn´t cheat, I just did my exam. But I suppose now we will have to repeat the exam or something.
After maths I had english. It was pretty normal, as always. We had to create a detective to write a story about. I´,m not sure about what I´m gonna do.
Then we had Spanish, which I like a lot because I find easy. We had to do some excercises and I finished very early so I had free time :D
At the first break I played soccer and nearly choked on a ham sandwich XD
Then we had science, and it was quite normal. Then we had Social Science (seriously, who made the timetables?) and we had free time. At lunchtime one of my friends ate a whole bit of steak in one bite. It was kinda weird XD
In the afternoon I had IT, which I like a lot because we do html and stuff. But when I came into the class I saw the teacher, singing and playing a guitar, and everyone cheering. That teacher is sort of weird, but it was rather funny.
And last period I had french. The teacher told me to translate a text in the board, and I had some sort of random luck and got it all perfect :)
So that was a normal day. Now I have to do some english HW, it´s 20:53 here.
See you!


  1. Awesome! Seems like a pretty good day :)

  2. Spain is such an awesome place. (Better than France and england :P)

    1. Yeah, why? >:D
      *glares angrily*

    2. France isn´t this amazing land were everyone without exception wears berets and curly moustaches and t-shirts with horizontal lines and parties under the eiffel tower.
      England isn´t this elegant land were everyone wears tuxedo jackets and top hats or floery dresses with matching hats and always has tea at exactly five o clock.
      And Spain isn´t this sunny land were everyone plays the guitar and dances and wears wacky clothes and goes to watch bullfighting and says OlĂ©.
      So why? XD

  3. MCB, your very good in your English even if your from spain XD.
    And i have French also (as my first language but i speak very good English too) XD.
    I have also a blog. If you wanna check it out it is:

    1. You so lucky to know french, learning it is boring.

  4. I am different from most people in my school I LOVE MATH!!!