Sunday, January 12, 2014

The happy and wonderful salute to my abandoned blog (Yet again :P)

Haha, this poor blog is abandoned so often.
Today I had a very Sunday-ey day, you know, all day with the computer, doing homework and just lazing around.
Right now I am writing this why I listen to music but the music is stopping constantly, probably because i´m listening to it on YouTube and my wifi is currently kinda spotty. It might have something to do with he fact that I am downloading like 12 things at the same time. :P
Look at these XD

XD I find this so hilarious.
I was bored so I googled "weird animals" Look:

I'm laughing so much XD

Yep, this is the kind of totally pointless thing that I find hilarious.

Great, now im gonna remember this in class tomorrow and laugh my head off XD

Ok, this is getting creepy...


Awww, this one is cute :)

What the...? lol
Now I will google "funny animals"


Oh my...

Now that one´s funny XD

That´s me!
See ya!